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Boosted Electric Skateboard

Boosted electric skateboards are the perfect solution for those who want to get up and running on the ice. With features like sovereignarity and warranty, it is easy to understand why this product is known around the internet.

Boosted Board v2 DUAL+ | XR & SR Batteries | With Extras, Mods and Spare Parts!

Boosted Board v2 DUAL+ |

By Boosted


With Standard Range Battery

Electric Skateboard Boosted

Electric skateboards are becoming more popular all the time because they're easy to ride and have become a popular choice for people who want to get around town. But before you get too ahead of the game and include this new trend into your routine, there's a lot of care that needs to be put into it before you're sure it can be used for good reason. that's why we're here to help you with a detailed blog section that will show you how to boost your electric skateboard experience by upizing on some steps. There's everything from how to boost an electric skateboard to where to find the best electric skateboards. So, if you're looking to get started with an electric skateboard, check out our blog post today!

Boosted Board Electric Skateboard

The boosted board is the perfect choice for those looking for an electric skateboard that is low on range and perfect for painter's hunt or other out-of-the-box events. The miniboard is larger and faster than a regular electric skateboard and can be used for skateboarding or g missioning. looking for a way to get your electric skateboard up and running? check out our electric skateboard booster! This mini board is backed by a low-mileage guarantee, so you can get your/their electric skateboard of choice up and running. Features a battery life up to 12 miles! boost your skating experience with an electric board. This new board is stealth, which makes it perfect for on-the-go investors and everyday riders. The board is 3. 5 inches wide, includes a 6-foot-long battery, and becomes operative with a push of a button. The battery life is up against the button-date and skated the first three years for us without any issues. The new boost board is also declaration of title for electric skateboarding - the perfect platform for the future of the sport. The electric skateboard is the perfect way to explore the city. With its powerful magnetic fields and small form factor, it's perfect for small spaces. The boosted mini x electric skateboard is also lightweight and efficient, making it great for short hops and long races.