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100mm Electric Skateboard Wheels

At meepo, we're passionate about making the perfect electric skateboard for people who want to enjoy a good skate and ride. Our wheels are made with high-quality 120mm cloudwheels and meepo wheels, so you can enjoy the ride without having to worry about the weight. Plus, the small size is perfect for on-the-go individuals who want to enjoy their skate without having to carry any weight.

Best 100mm Electric Skateboard Wheels

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Top 10 100mm Electric Skateboard Wheels

The meepo mini electric skateboard has a modern look and feel. Its simple design means that it is perfect for new riders or those who are just starting out. The meepo wheels provide stability and a smoothness that is unmatched in its kind, making it perfect for carving andcontrol. The meepo design is also great for those who want to start skating in public. this is a 100mm electric skateboard wheels set. It includes belts, qty wheel, and wheels. these electric skateboard wheels are perfect for a v-shape or other cross-section. The bearings are 2 bluebottle spindles and provide 7 v-shaped bearings for a smooth and secure movement. our electric skateboard wheels are the perfect size for most brand's skateboards and are 100mm in circumference. They come with pulleys wheel belt and belts.